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About HoiAn: 4th Vietnam International Choir competition, Hội an - 2015
     2015, International Choir Competition Fourth will continue in the city of Hoi An, the facts large scale with the participation of more than 1,500 artists from 45 choir of 15 countries in the world. The competition will be introduced to the public performances special choral art. The opening ceremony was held on 29.04.2015 with excellent art program of the city of Hoi An, Vietnam.
         The choir participated in the International Choir Competition Fourth Vietnam will compete in 13 tests, divided into 6 groups: Group A: 3 subjects (male Choir, Womens Choir, Choir of men and women) ; Group B: 3 subjects (male Choir, Womens Choir, Choir of men and women); Group C: 2 subjects (Chamber Choir / The top male or female singer, Chamber Choir / ca The top male and female); Group G: 3 subjects (Choir Children under 17 years old, Youth Choir male or female - women under age 20, male under 26 years of age and Choir boys and girls under 26 years old); Group S: 1 subjects (Choir hymns); Group F: 1 subjects (Folk Choir).
        Each choir can register for one of the groups A, B, C, G. teams competed choir of men and women are able to register its own separate entrance exam male or female in the group competition. In addition to the implementation of group A, B, C or G, the choir may choose to take more in group S or F.

      International Choir Competition is the reunion of lovers of choral art, an opportunity to exchange and discuss music, and thereby enhance cultural understanding between peoples, deepen relations of friendship, solidarity and international cooperation and exchanges.
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