Founder Letter

Founder Letter
Founder Letter
Founder Letter
Founder Letter
Dear Value Partners,

Since its founding (January 10, 1995), we are always proud to be an enterprise that constantly improving the quality of services, meeting the needs of visitors and discovering special cuisine of domestic and foreign tourists.

From a 10-bedroom mini hotel in 1995, we have now developed a brand into a strong Phu Thinh group, including:

OT Ta Cuisine  is located at 144 Tran Phu, 700m2 , right in the heart of Hoi An ancient town; less than 100m from the Old Bridge Pagoda. With a cool and cozy space, visitors can enjoy Vietnamese, European, Asian and Japanese dishes with a team of chefs and professional staff in 5 outlets: Onion, Tomato, Chili, Asian and Resserved differently. 

You can choose one of these 5 areas of your choice of menu to make your reservation. 

Chili Restaurant Bistro at 490 Cua Dai, Hoi An with 200 seats, is a different choice, pleasant space, comfortable and polite,  so it is suitable for social, business, or a quick lunch appointment. This is a place where visitors can come to drink something, sip a cup of coffee or enjoy different special dishes created by chefs with more than 15 years of experience working at hotels , 4 and 5 star restaurants.

Phu Thinh Boutique Resort & Spa has been upgraded and changed its brand from Phu Thinh 2 hotel with an area of 8,000m2, including 91 4-star standard rooms and a diversified service system with high quality, attractive guide, impressive for domestic and foreign tourists. Cuisine is the strength of Hoi An culture, it is one of the factors that make up the diversity of cultural tourism. Therefore, in the process of upgrading, we have invested in building LiLy Restaurant 350 seats, Brenn Bar and Bamboo Bar are traditional Asian style, located right in the natural and beautiful lotus lake space. In addition, Phu Thinh Resort also has Jasmine Spa and Yoga area, serving customers to rest and relax. An unforgettable experience  for the tourists is to learn to cook traditional dishes of the ancient Hoi An people. and now: Cao Lau, My Quang, Tam Huu, Ram Hoi An .. at the premises of  Phu Thinh Group.

Phu Thinh Green Resort will be the 4th facility in our group, expected to be deployed in the near future with 100 bedrooms of 4-star standard, located in Cam Thanh commune - next to coconut grove 7 samples and The romantic Thu Bon River, a project located in the buffer zone of the Cu Lao Cham World Biosphere Reserve, will invest in a separate, environmentally friendly style and commit to not using plastic bags. 

The Phu Thinh Group of employees is united, a responsible community, together raising the sense of ownership, creativity and very motivated , in taking care of customer satisfaction on every level.

We will always have  respected your supports and trust for many years, always hoping to welcome and serve you all, please send your comments and suggestions to the address:;

Your Sincerely,

Hua Thi Anh/ Mrs.



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